12:09 am - Sunday October 22, 2017

An Open Letter to Members of the Federal Parliament of Somalia

To Members of Parliament,

Somalia is at a critical turning point and the leadership you elect in the coming days will be responsible for shaping the lives of Somalis and building a path forward for our county.

The 2016 electoral process has not been free, fair, transparent, or inclusive — and for that I am deeply disappointed — but now, we must look ahead to what we can still achieve together.

As a Member of Parliament, you reflect and represent the Somali people, and as such, bear a deep responsibility to elect leaders who will make our country safe, secure and prosperous. At this crossroads, we must work to build trust among ordinary Somalis to restore the fabric of our society and Somali unity, be diligent in our pursuit of honest governance, and elect leaders who will continue the important dialogues that were fueled by this election cycle around democracy, security, and stability.

Now more than ever, we need a united government that will work tirelessly and selflessly to govern honestly and demand honest governance from all those who will play a role in rebuilding Somalia.

We all share in our duty to continue fighting for a better Somalia both now and long after the elections are over and we must never give up on our pursuit for progress. Somalis deserve leaders who believe in accountability, hope for our future, and prosperity for all of Somalia.

I have many grave concerns surrounding the electoral process in Somalia – but my commitment to the people of Somalia has always been a stronger force. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important when injustice and dishonesty become the norm, and the progress towards democracy we’ve made thus far is threatened by greed and violent extremism. But with trust in ourselves and in one another, we can bring back Somali unity, and with Somali unity, we can protect our people, secure our country and achieve prosperity.

I would welcome opportunities to discuss my vision for moving Somalia forward and what we can do together to unite and secure our country.


Mohamed Abdirizak, Candidate for President

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