12:07 am - Sunday October 22, 2017

About Wehel

Wehel Media Center is an independent and non-profit organization which founded in 2009. It was established to monitor, promote, and defend freedom of speech in Somalia. (WMC)  is also involved in developing media activities in diaspora with the base of democracy and freedom of speech.

Radio Wehel

Wehel main goals:

· Help combat poverty and the mismanagement of the East African countries.

· Promote democracy and freedom of express through media broadcastings.

· Improve the positions of the African communities’ lives in the Netherlands and prevention against the dangerous journeys by the East African people across the oceans to Western countries.

· Expansion of media rights and give journalists to free and full access into their duties with no intimidation

· Provide reliable and accurate information to the African communities particularly Somali diaspora over the developments in their countries to get involved and contribute the efforts to rebuild their nation.

· Help strengthening the cooperation between the East African diaspora foundations and the European development organizations.

· Organize debates and media forums among the African community diaspora in the Netherlands.

· Documentation of the daily abuses on Somali journalists operating in the country to hold accountable to the wrong doers.

· Assisting the migrant journalists in initiatives of maintaining their professions by creating TV, Radio, Newspapers or Media online to connect their community with the world.